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What do you mean by sunset law?

What do you mean by sunset law?

sunset law in American English noun. a statute that includes provision for automatic termination of a government program, agency, etc., at the end of a specified time period unless it is reauthorized by the legislature.

Why would a state pass a sunset law?

Sunset provisions have been used tactically in at least two ways. First, they are used as a bargaining chip to gather votes in favour of controversial legislation. The presence of a sunset provision can persuade a wavering legislator (or that legislator’s public) of the temporary nature of a controversial law.

What does sunset mean in tax?

Sunsets are provisions of the tax code that expire at some given date.

What is a sunset payment?

A provision in a Bill that gives it an expiry date once it is passed into law. Sunset clauses are included in legislation when it is felt that Parliament should have the chance to decide on its merits again after a fixed period.

What is a sunset clause in a contract?

Off-the-plan contracts specify the time by which the project must be completed. This is called the sunset clause or sunset date. If the project is not completed by the sunset date, the contract can be rescinded and your deposit returned to you.

What are sunset capabilities?

Yet here’s what they are describing as ‘Sunset Capabilities’: large numbers of organised and disciplined people, flexible in their approach and ready to work extraordinary hours, putting national interests and the interests of other people before themselves and, often, before those of their own families.

What was sunset law in history?

What is known as the Sunset Law? The Sunset Law stated that if the zamindar did not pay his dues by sunset of the specified date his zamindari would be auctioned off.

What does automatically sunset mean?

A sunset provision, or sunset law, is a clause in a statute, regulation, or similar piece of legislation that expires automatically. A sunset provision provides for an automatic repeal of the entire or sections of the law once a specific date is reached.

What was sunset law of revenue?

Are sunset clauses legal?

For example, in New South Wales and Victoria, developers now have to get written consent from the buyer or the Supreme Court if they want to terminate a contract of sale using a sunset clause.

What does it mean to have a sunset law?

Sunset law, also called sunset provision, a legal provision that provides for the automatic termination of a government program, agency, or law on a certain date unless the legislature affirmatively acts to renew it.

Can a sunset law apply to all agencies?

In some instances the statute creating a particular Administrative Agency contains a sunset provision applicable only to that agency. In other instances a state may enact a general sunset law that may eliminate any agency that is unable to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Which is an example of a sunset provision?

In addition to their application to government agencies, sunset provisions have been applied to laws themselves and to benefits, such as immigration benefits. Without reauthorization by the legislature, the law or benefit ceases on a particular date.

Why are there sunset provisions in the bill?

Legislators have to be convinced of the independence and efficacy of programs facing sunset provisions if these programs are to survive; presumably, programs that are failing or that serve only a few special interests are not renewed.